This public realm study documents the daily rhythms of the George Town World Heritage Site, with the aim of bringing new insights into to the everyday life of George Town’s public spaces while developing a detailed map of the quality of the built environment. This project demonstrates the spatial and temporal dimensions of differentiation in the public realm, exploring the use of both formal and informal public spaces. It aims to capture visually the richness of life found in the public realm of George Town’s historic core.

Simultaneously, a detailed assessment of the qualities of the built environment was undertaken, measuring the accessibility and connectivity that enables all to share these spaces. The purpose: to develop a public realm strategy utilising a landscape approach to conservation that can address the deficits in the built environment and deliver the Special Area Plan strategies without negatively impacting on the life blood of this unique public realm.

Small urban places are “priceless,” and the city street is “the river of life…where we come together.” - William Whyte

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