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In November 2015 a street survey was conducted along Chulia Street with businesses, residents and pedestrains...

297 responses were gathered, 103 from businesses, 11 from residents and 183 from pedestrians..

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What do you like most about Chulia Street?

Businesses and residents like that the street is busy with tourists

Pedestrian's like the food!



What do you dislike most about Chulia Street?

Businesses, residents and pedestrians most dislike traffic congestion and car parking!

A lack of safe crossing points

Blockages and obstacles in the 5ft Way



How would you like to see Chulia Street improved?

Businesses would like to see more car parking

Residents would like to see a cleaner environment 

Pedestrains would like to see improved traffic flow and better pedestrain walkways



How walkable is Chulia Street?

 Watch how a wheelchair user, a mother and child, an uncle and a kid fair with Chulia Street's pedestrian infrastructure

click image to play combined video


Click links for individual video 

Wheelchair | Mother & child | Uncle | Kid



What would you like to see in setback spaces?

Businesses and residents would like to see car and motorcycle parking, while pedestrains would like to see urban greenery and public seating.

Residents would like to see improved spaces for bus shelters.



A day in the life of a small public space

 Click image to play timelapse video

Only one third of businesses and pedestrians, and half of all residents rated this space as 'good' or 'excellent' .

More shading and seating would improve the space.

Businesses and pedestrians would like to see more planting.